Platinum Tools

Platinum is an ecosystem of softwares for obtaining assets. Our Minter allows you to mint simultaneously across multiple wallets much more efficiently than others. Our technology also allows for custom gas presets that can be easily calculated in bot making set-up a breeze. Each license grants access to the server and our community as a whole.

We are currently out of stock. Follow our socials to know when we restock !
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OpenSea Quick Buy

Gets you instantly to confirm txn


MagicEden Quick Buy

Gets you instantly to confirm txn

Universal Experience

For all your needs

Learn about some of the features that make Platinum essential for upcoming and well established collectors.


“Trigger” Monitor Tasks

Set trigger tasks to execute instantly


Signature Generation

● Coming soon!

Easy wallet signature generation for contracts


Gas Calculator

In-bot gas calculator for easy gas fee estimates


Mass Wallet Collection

Easily store multiple wallets for contract mints

Rarity Sniping

Use rarity percentiles to sort and successfully snipe with Platinum Tools extension

Sort through the rarity of any collection with ease using the rarity page, or using the OpenSea page. Rarity can be refreshed at any time to stay up-to-date with metadata.

Your all-in-one solution

With Platinum ETH Minter you are given the ability to store and track an unlimited amount of wallets directly within the application.


Track your wallets


Generate Wallets automatically

Easy and quick wallet generation is offered to all Platinum ETH Minter users at no extra cost.



We provide all Platinum users with the latest information on profitable calls and the state of the market. We also offer a schedule on what to do throughout the day and support for first time collectors.

A different experience

Our seamless UI creates the best possible experience ever


Platinum Mobile App

Stay up to date on our information while on the go!

Platinum Mobile App allows users to keep up with releases, track influential wallets, check rarity, and manage subscriptions

Available for


Available for


Our Mobile App is free to all Platinum users and will have some additions coming soon.

Platinum Insight

Stay informed on everything thats happening in the market.

Track the sales, listings, and floor of performing collections for open-sea and magic eden in real time.

Monitor the cause of ethereum gas spikes as well as large price action happening live.


Available for all Platinum users


Platinum Contract Minter

Trigger Tasks

Our trigger tasks allow you to instantly execute your mint transaction exactly when the release begins.

Gas Presets

Never worry about choosing your gas during a release. Our gas preset setting allows you to choose gas limit, max gwei, and priority fee before a transaction is created.


Sell Wall Tracker

Allows users to track the volume in a collection and shows the concentration of listings in any collection.

Never wonder about the best time to buy or sell again.

Sell Wall

Track the concentration of listings in real time for any collection while simulatiously tracking volume.

Listed vs Sold

Utlize our real time volume tracker to watch sales and listings from any collection faster then OpenSea.

Even more features

Manage and check live gas for upcoming mints


OpenSea Monitors

Set trigger tasks to monitor live collection, then instantly execute at mint


Platinum Insights

Real time information on open-sea and magic eden activity, price action, gas, and even influencers


Alpha Calls

Our In-house staff hand pick potentially profitable collections and offer risk analysis + price targets



Owning any Platinum product offers discord and alpha access for free!


White-list Opportunities

All Platinum users are given the exclusive oppurtunity for various whitelists hyped releases


Detailed Guides

Utlize our detailed education and set-up guides to make your experience seamless

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